Sports Mental Coaching

The STEREO® Sports Coaching Method allows athletes to raise their mental level by focusing on the pillars of an athlete’s mental strength.

Sports Coaching The STEREO® Method provides sustained improvement of sports performance by focusing on the pillars of mental strength.

The method sustains the growth of athletes’ mental resources to the next level.

Sports Coaching where we will work together all external and internal variables that influence the performance and the results achieved.



See, hear and feel. We have different ways of understanding what surrounds us. The senses need to be worked out, for example. knowing how to use attention and concentration differently (focus).


It is important to know how to manage every phase of an athlete’s life with a special focus on training and preparation for competition.


Emotions are part of us. Learn to manage and choose the emotional state you need right now. Work on your self-esteem and self-confidence levels.


We are often beaten by results. The athlete’s focus should be on sports performance that can be trained and elevated. The results are just the achievement or not of goals.


Are you motivated? Are you going to workouts with high motivation? What is your attitude? Do you train 100%? How do you know you give everything you could give?


Clear definition and measurement of performance objectives and results are the basis of the entire evolutionary process.

Athletes Sports Coaching

#Senses #Training # Emotions #Results #Effort #Objectives

  • Mental strength
  • Performance
  • Focus
  • Flexibility
  • Self confidence
  • Self esteem
  • Motivation
  • Competition Preparation
  • Personal and Sport Life Balance
  • Choose Emotional States

Leaders Sports Coaching

#Lead #Guide # Excellence

  • Leadership style and dimensions
  • Pillars athlete mental strength
  • Communication Tools
  • 4Profile: Personalities of your team
  • Communicate effectively: 4MAT
  • Evaluate performance
  • The feedback loop
  • Individual goals and team (performance and results)
  • The stages of group transformation into teams
  • Conflicts
  • Increase sports performance and improve results.
  • Future Pacing: New Behaviors and Results

A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement. Thanks to my awesome sports coach I’ve become more fit and healthy.


Being health and fit is never a quick process, so I am still working on myself to achieve the state of perfection. Thanks to the Wolf Team I will gain the forms of my dreams.


I did have some serious traumas on my knee and arm in the past. But after being oriented by Wolf Team, I”ve started feeling so much better due to my regular workouts.

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