In recent days we have seen and heard different elite coaches in various statements, appealing to the player’s responsibility, his attitude to his lack of intensity but, what is the leader’s responsibility?

The very important vision as a whole is something that every leader should promote and I think that this type of statements throwing balls out and pointing at the players does not help and shows how the leader is. It is important the quality of the planning, the technique or the tactics but the really important thing is the brightness that you are able to give as to everything you do, to the emotion that you are able to transmit and spread to your players, do you think it is missing Attitude is the player’s fault?

What is the role of a leader?

From my world the role of the coach or leader is to encourage players to make the useful and beneficial changes that are necessary for their development and that of the team. Encouraging the team to understand that everything has a structure, which is part of a plan so solid that it allows changes, becoming aware of the existence of more than one way of seeing and doing things. The essence of changing is to use your own creativity with confidence and to have broadband access to the maximum number of resources available to each one to open up innumerable options and possibilities. The leader’s first responsibility is to use his power of influence wisely, ethically and with the greatest humility and generosity.

There are 4 basic principles that should govern the responsibility of your leadership;

– Systemic principle, know and understand your players and their relationships, do not act believing that you know who they are, find out! All information should be treated in a broader context, you may not see or understand it at first, keep observing and expanding the focus and perspective, you will get it.

– Beginning of the apprentice, a good leader must be aware that all knowledge is provisional, that it is a starting point for new discoveries and learning, that objectives can be achieved in different ways.

– Principle of the collective, sharing knowledge generates the growth of all, a more connected vision and a better way to find alternatives that satisfy everyone. Learning by teaching is learning exponentially.

– Principle of respect, first of all you must respect yourself and who you are, your players for who they are, for your actions and their ecology and their consequences.

Being that leader who assumes his responsibility offers you and your team a way to see and understand the world from a new light, from the brightness and the open angle that offers you to help them accept the limitations and deficiencies of their own maps which does nothing other than open new perspectives. Try it and you will understand why it constitutes such an important and effective way to stimulate curiosity, creativity and the development of new options in your lives. Regularly dress your principles, your identity, your values and beliefs and use them to generate in you the necessary confidence that will make your leadership shine, to enlighten and infect others to generate new leaders.

*Bibliography; «The magic of metaphor» Nick Owen

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